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Save Star Wars


 Homophobic dark forces are amassing against the leading video game maker that dared to include gay characters in its Star Wars game.

Sign Yoda's letter to EA urging them to stand strong!


Electronic Arts (EA), maker of the highly popular Star Wars: The Old Republic video game - is the target of a boycott orchestrated by hateful anti-gay groups. Why? Because they had the courage to give players around the world the option of including a gay romance storyline in their interactive Star Wars game.

Right now, thousands of anti-gay letters are flooding Electronic Arts headquarters, threatening to push the company and its staff to the dark side ("Homos are ruining gaming!" wrote one boycotter. "I urge all parents to keep any EA games from their children to prevent them to be AIDS-spreading, Satan-loving scum," wrote another). 

But we can do something about it - if we channel the force for good. Companies like Electronic Arts need to be rewarded when they do the right thing. And together we can help them stand their ground. Sign this urgent letter to Electronic Arts (EA) now, asking them to stay strong and resist the dark side. When 50,000 of us sign on, All Out members will make news by dressing as Star Wars characters and delivering your letters directly to Electronic Arts headquarters:

Video games - like books, magazines, TV and film - are enjoyed by hundreds of millions around the world, and the fictional characters in them often inspire us, and teach us about the world we live in. This is exactly why anti-gay hate groups are targeting them - because they know that the more LGBT people are represented as regular characters, the harder it will be to deny them equality in the real world. 

Games from Electronic Arts (EA) reach 100 million players in 75 countres around the world. When a major company like this makes the effort  to create gay role models for all players, gay and straight, we need to let them know that we've got their back - especially in the face of an organized hate campaign. 

Sign now, and we'll make sure company executives know the force is with them:

Thanks for going All Out.

Alberto, Andre, Erika, Flavia, Guillaume, Jasmin, Jeremy, Joseph, Oli, Tile and Wesley


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