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International AIDS Conference

Human Rights Campaign

The International AIDS Conference is about to return to the United States for the first time in 22 years –and you can be a part of it.

AIDS Quilt

Submit an AIDS Memorial Quilt panel to be shown at HRC in honor of those we've lost.


It's hard to believe, but just three years ago, people with HIV were banned from entering the United States. You couldn't visit a loved one, and becoming a citizen was out of the question.

Thanks to the hard work of HRC activists, we finally overturned the 22-year ban, and now we've arrived at another big moment: the return of the International AIDS Conference to the United States.

The conference unites the world's most prominent activists, researchers, and policy makers to chart a path forward on HIV/AIDS.

And as the conference gets underway, The AIDS Memorial Quilt will also return to Washington, DC – serving once again as a powerful reminder of loved ones lost to HIV/AIDS and as a potent signal of the work left to be done.

You can help mark this historic occasion by submitting a quilt panel to remember those lost to HIV/AIDS. Click here for instructions on how to submit your own panel, which we'll put on display at our headquarters.

Just as we have in the past, HRC will host a portion of The AIDS Memorial Quilt – along with your panel – at our national headquarters in Washington, DC. If you've already submitted a panel in the past and would like it displayed at HRC this summer, let us know here.

HRC is also bringing experts together for a discussion titled Addressing Stigma in Transgender and other HIV-Vulnerable Communities prior to the conference kickoff.

The return of the International AIDS Conference to the U.S. marks the beginning of a new era of progress on HIV/AIDS. The travel ban might be gone, but fear, stigma, and misunderstanding remain.

All around the world and here at home, there are still far too many new cases and too many lives shattered by this disease. The conference and the poignant tribute of The AIDS Memorial Quilt will serve to connect important thought leaders and bring attention to this still-critical issue.

HRC is honored to be a part of it all, and I hope you'll help us mark this important event.

Learn more about submitting a panel to The AIDS Memorial Quilt now. We'll display your panel at HRC's headquarters in Washington, DC. When you send it in, you'll be joining with world-leading researchers, activists, and policy makers to help turn the tide against HIV/AIDS.

25 years ago, The AIDS Memorial Quilt helped inspire a movement that stemmed the tide of the epidemic. Now we need to revive that same spirit to meet these remaining challenges.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Still fighting, 
Joe Solmonese
Joe Solmonese

P.S. Volunteers for the International AIDS Conference get free access to sessions and a whole lot of other great opportunities. To apply to volunteer or to learn more about the Conference click here.

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